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Petra y Jordan con descuento especial de verano

¡Petra y Jordania a precios de descuento especiales de primavera-verano!

Petra Tour Visit one of The Seven Wonders of The World


Quick Overview

Join us as we take you on an enchanting journey to ancient times when the Nabatean rolled the dessert and built their masterpiece city and temples. 

Rates do not cover $125 for border fees, visa to Jordan, pick up and assistance at the border ($65 if you have already issued a visa to Jordan in advance)

No need for Visa in advance. You can obtain Visa at the border crossing with the help of our guides.

Price from:


Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thr., Fri., Sat.
9-10 Hours

Eilat 07:30 AM $219
Petra from Tel aviv with flights-sun-thu-$444



Petra Tours Discover one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Explore the sensational city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Join us as we take you on an enchanting journey to ancient times when the Nabatean rolled the dessert and built their masterpiece city and temples.

Crossing Over to Jordan

We start our journey to the magical city once we have crossed the border from Eilat and entered Jordan. We drive through the Desert Highway, passing Wadi Ram and the calming dessert scenery as it appears from the bus window. 

The Ancient City of Petra

Petra is located near the village of Wadi Musa, which according to tradition is named after the legendary Moses. This is where he hit the rock and water gushed out of it.  Miriam, Moses's sister was buried here and his brother Aron died on Mountain Hor.

Petra the capital Nabataean city (312BC) was an important crossroads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia. It played an important role on the trade route between Egypt and the East.

The many earthquakes that hit Petra marked a slow decline for the city. The Arabs conquered the city in 636 but it remained distant from the pilgrim road to Mecca. The Crusaders constructed a fort there in the 12th century and Petra returned to its ancient splendor.

The Miracle of Petra

Our Petra tour guide will escort you on the magical route into Petra. Passing through the sig, which is a 1.2km long, towering 91-182 meters above ground, passage through the mountain.

As you proceed further in the sig, you will feel the anticipation and excitement as you are about to witness one of the most amazing Seven Wonders of the World. Jordan’s most astonishing and dramatic monuments: Petra’s Treasury.

Nothing will prepare you for the spectacular scenery as it miraculously appears when you go out from the sig. The red rose colors and detailed architecture are combined into one massive structure that will take your breath away.

The tour takes you up to Petra's central Colonnade Street in the city, which is carved out of red sandstone. Set in the rocky landscape are more temples, homes, altars, sanctuaries and tombs from several periods of ancient history.

Petra Hospitality

Just before you finish your amazing day at Petra, you will feast in an open buffet lunch at the Nabatean's Tent Restaurant, leaving you enough time to shop around for some souvenirs to remember this amazing tour.

The tour will come to an end once we go back to Eilat leaving behind the amazing rose red city of Petra.

Why Go on Petra Tours With Egged?

Our Petra tours are tailored to those who are already in Israel, or plan to come here. We offer you the opportunity to experience Petra with full comforts, as part of your visit to the region. Petra is conveniently close to Eilat and allows you to go on Petra tours in the morning and be back at your hotel already in the evening on the same day. If you want to experience the magnificent historical place that is Petra, go on a day tour with Egged Tours.

Find out below what our Petra Tours from Israel do and do not include: 

Rates on our Petra tours Include:

Transportation, assistance at the Arava border crossing, tour guides, entrance fees and lunch.

Rates on our Petra tours do not include:

Personal expenses, soft drinks, departure tax and tips. Languages other than English are available for an extra cost. We recommend you have cash available for border fees and tips, namely a  $65 US special fee for crossing the Israel-Jordan border for one-day tourists. Border fees may change due to currency-rate changes.

Important information for all Petra tours:

1. Have a valid Passport and landing card available when you reserve (We require your passport number, place and date of issue, date of birth and expiry date for reservation).

2. Voucher and visa/tax/tip money - in cash only (payable in U.S dollars, Pound Sterling or Israeli Shekel).

3. Very warm clothing in winter, cool comfortable clothing and head covering in summer.

4. Changes of weather conditions.

5. Good walking shoes.

6. No food or drink (water included) is allowed across into Jordan.

7. Lunch will be late, so please have breakfast before departure.

8. Personal insurance is not included.

9. There will be a 50% cancellation fee for cancellations made 24 hours or less prior to departure.

10. Enjoy your Petra Tour from Israel!

Petra Tours From Tel Aviv

- Flights to and from Eilat are available: Sunday to Thursday  

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