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Travel in Israel - Tips and Useful Information

Are you contemplating a trip to Israel or have you already arrived? In that case you may be looking for useful information and tips for travel in Israel. At Egged Tours we have received lots of questions so we decided to collect the most useful travel advice and present it as articles here on the website. Stay tuned for more travel in Israel tips! Browse the articles below or go back to view our most popular Israel tours.

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  • Places to Visit in Israel - Top 10

    Must-See Places in Israel

    Top 10 must-see places in Israel that you don’t want to miss.

  • Traveling To Israel - How to Exit the Airport

    How to Exit Ben Gurion Ariport

    How to exit Ben Gurion airport quickly and affordably

  • Christmas in Israel

    Christmas in Israel

    Find out about your options for Christmas in the Holy Land

  • Getting Around Israel

    Getting Around Israel

    Getting around in Israel, a foreign country to many, might be a challenging task. Here's a complete guide to let you travel Israel with ease.

  • Israeli Airport Security Information

    Israeli Airport Security Information

    Are you about to step on the plane to Israel? Learn about the efficient, but slightly different security checks at the airport in Israel.

  • Packing List for Israel

    What to pack for Israel

    What to pack when traveling to Israel. What to avoid, what to bring, and where to buy in case you forgot something.  

  • nightlife in Israel

    Going out in Israel

    Israel has a rich and vibrant nightlife scene. The entertainment venues are mostly open until after midnight, and during the weekends, even until the morning after. 

  • Israeli Food

    Israeli Food

    A short summary of the best Israeli food which are referred to as culinary symbols of their cities, from North to South.

  • Holidays in Israel

    Holidays in Israel

    Holy days and weekends in Israel. What to expect and what to avoid while visiting the Holy land.

  • Shopping in Israel

    Shopping in Israel

    Every city has quite a few shopping centers and malls. In addition to local brands, Israel's shopping centers and malls contain a large variety of international brands

  • Israel Festival

    Israel Festival

    Israel festival and the special events in Israel don’t happen all the time, but when they do – it’s a special experience. 

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At Egged Tours we aim to provide the best possible service and we have started to collect the most frequently asked questions on travel in Israel and write comprehensive guides. We aim to keep adding more articles on various topics, such as what to eat, where to eat, how much should you tip in Israel and so on. This is your chance to contact us with your ideas for things to write about and at the same time help your fellow travelers. Please feel free to drop us a message or chat with us at any time. If you've fin

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